Pack 2 is Back in Action!!!


Scouting for Food is in full swing. We dropped off our bags on Saturday (the 8th) and will be picking them back up this Saturday (the 15th). Hopefully we can get a few more members of the Pack to show up this weekend. We only had about 1/3 off our registered scouts in attendance for bag drop off. Don't forget that you do get hiking miles for hitting the pavement.

Our Fall Campout was a success! We had almost 100 people in attendance and inducted MANY new members to our Pack through the Bobcat Ceremony at our Council Ring Campfire. We had PERFECT weather for camping. Thank you to everyone that came out and everyone that helped out. Hopefully everyone that made it had a good time!

Please check CALENDAR for list of Pack 2 activities. We may add or update things as we go, so use that to keep yourself up to date. We will try to use e-mail to keep everyone abreast of changes as well.

If you have any comments on improving our website, meetings or anything related to Pack 2, please visit the SUGGESTIONS section.

Check out the PHOTO ALBUMS.  New pictures are being added.  If you have any pictures to share, please forward them to your Cubmaster, Greg Works.



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